Wages should be high for people to be able to renovate multi-dwelling buildings.

No! Home loan costs are often covered by savings of dwelling heating costs.



In Class A buildings windows cannot be opened.

No! Windows in an energy-efficient building can be opened whenever you want. However, if you let cold weather into the building in winter, more energy will be used for heating. Provide the building with sufficient amount of fresh air and to avoid significant heat losses, the forced ventilation system is installed with a heat exchanger (a recuperation system). Such a system ensures air quality and protects from losses.



I don’t have to replace windows, because I have recently acquired new windows.

In most cases – no! Experience has shown heat losses are mainly attributable to poor insulation of windows. To achieve energy efficiency it is recommended that heat transmission coefficient of windows does not exceed Uw = 0.8 W/m²K. Attention should also be paid to the installation of a window because it is not less important than the window itself. You can purchase windows of highest energy-efficiency, but if they are incorrectly installed, energy losses will still be unavoidable.



Renovation of a building to Class A is too expensive.

No! It is expensive to invest into building and receive no benefits. In the particular case of the building at Mickevičiaus g. 9, the renovation estimate of the Energy Efficiency Class A was even smaller than the estimate initially submitted for Class C. It is estimated that the price of construction or renovation of the energy-efficient building is from 2 to 20 % higher that of a usual building, and the energy-saving buildings also save your money from the very first day of their operation.



Buildings of Class A do not “breathe” and are damaged by mould.

No! Energy-efficient – hermetic building is impossible without the system of forced ventilation. Thus, the risk of mould in a hermetic building with excellent ventilation system is minor. The main reason for occurrence of mould is insufficient ventilation of premises. Therefore, ventilation system guarantees excellent air quality and supply of fresh air to premises.

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